2nd Booster 
Now Available!

2nd Boosters are now available to patients 50 and older. Call down to the pharmacy to schedule an appointment! 

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TWIV: This Week in Virology 

Interested in learning more about viruses?


Follow Dr. Vincent Racaniello and his fellow colleagues on TWiV. It's a podcast all about viruses, the kind that make you sick!


COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Looking to get Vaccinated? 

Offering first, second, and booster doses of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine.


We currently offer COVID-19 vaccinations on most days of the week. Check with one of our technicians for this week's availabilities. 


We will print out a form that pre-populates your information, which will be given to you the day of your vaccination in the drive thru

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Current Roane County Vaccination Phase 

February 29, 2021

The up-to-date vaccination phase for Roane County can be found on the Tennessee Department of Health's website. Click the link to view!