COVID - 19 Rapid Testing //

We now offer rapid COVID-19 Testing at Baggett Pharmacy!

Testing hours - 



We ask that you call ahead before coming to the pharmacy for testing.  When you arrive, pull to the front of the pharmacy under the blue awning, and call us to let us know you have arrived. Wait inside your vehicle until a pharmacist comes to escort you inside. 

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM 


2:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

BD Veritor Sars-CoV2 Test 

            At Baggett Pharmacy, we use the BD Veritor Sars-CoV2 rapid antigen testing system. This system consists of a lateral flow test strip that detects proteins (antigens) from the infecting virus. This test is a diagnostic test and is used to detect an active viral infection. 

           When a patient comes in for a rapid test, we will ask several questions about exposure and symptoms in order to determine if a rapid test is appropriate. In order to collect a sample, the pharmacist will insert a nasal swab up to 1 inch into the nostril and rotate it along the mucosal lining of the nasal cavity. To ensure a good sample, the process will be repeated on the other nostril with the same swab. Once the sample is collected, it is combined with a reagent and then applied to a lateral flow test strip. The strip is allowed to sit for 15 minutes in order to fully process the sample. After 15 minutes, the strip is inserted into the BD Veritor reader which will read the strip and display a positive or negative result. The patient is then notified of the test result.  See video demonstration below. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Rapid Testing 

I was exposed yesterday, will I be positive today?

No. We try to get our patients to wait 5-7 days after being exposed to test. This gives the viral load enough time to build up in your body so that the test can detect it.  If you test too soon, you might have a false negative. 

Does the nasal swab hurt? 

No, it just tickles a little. The swab is in the front part of the nose - not the swab you might have seen that goes all the way back. 

How long does the test take? 

Once the sample is taken and applied to the test strip, it has to process for 15 minutes before it can be read. The whole process off getting swabbed and getting your results back may take 20 - 25 minutes.